Board of Directors

A. Rashid Jakhura -       Chairman

Maimoona R. Jakhura -  Director

Akif R. Jakhura -           Managing Director

Aamir R. Jakhura -        Commercial Director

Danish R. Jakhura -       Business Development  Director

Pappu S. Rao -             Director of Construction



Core Management

Leela Prasad Bhavaraju -  Contracts Manager

Syed Imran Rafique -        Finance and Administration Manager

Mukesh Juyal -                Procurement and Stores Manager

Suresh Babu Konduru -    Workshop Manager

Key Senior Staff

Mr G Kaunda   -                     HR & Admin

Mr Vijay Kumar Upadhyay -  Company Accountant

Mr W  T  Sumani -                   Financial Accountant

Mr P Mtonga  -                         Chief Security Officer

Mr Francis C Ndalama    -     Assistant Procurement Manager

Mr E E K Nyirenda  -               Administrative Officer

Mr Ephraims Chisale  -        Clearing Officer

Mr Robinson Sokole  -          Store Keeper

Mr Antony Kayange  -             Accountant - Revenue

Ms. Deliwe Chatupa  -           Assistant Accountant

Mr George J Ng'ombe -         Human Resources  Officer

Ms Cynthia N Vokhiwa -         Director's Personnel Assistant

Mr S V S Anil Babu  -       Project  Manager

Mr H Tembo  -                  Projects Engineer

Mr B  A  Kapeloni -           Projects Engineer

Mr Terence Makoni  -        Site Agent

Mr I D Tembo  -                 Site Engineer

Mr H B Makina -               Site Engineer

Mr S P Kalua  -                Site Engineer

Mr Yamikani C Jazia  -      Materials Engineer

Mr George Theka -                  Quantity Surveyor

Mr O L K Mkandawire -      Assistant Quantity Surveyor

Mr Hannock Kafakamoyo - AutoCAD Technician


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